What is Coaching?

There are so many great books and experts out there I would never dream of putting my own interpretation on this - In it's cleanest sense coaching is facilitating or helping a client find their own direction , potential and goals, the coach believes the client already has the internal resources they need to solve their issues, they simply assist in finding the best way to release those resources.

The reality in business mentoring can be a lot more down to earth than that - and in specific cases can be direct experiential advice on specific topics.

So what do Zanshin do then - Coach or Mentor?

If the client desires it we can offer pure coaching, with an NLP basis, facilitating, encouraging and helping a client find their own way. This is especially appropriate for personal issues, life balance, goal setting etc... where the client may wish to keep details of the specific topics confidential.

In a business environment it is more likely to be consultancy/mentoring. This involves specific problem solving, intervention & advice. Here we will take 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and make specific recommendations on the business, the issues you want to discuss. It is like having a very experienced Co-Director on your board, without having to pay for the annual salary - think of it as having a hands on 'Non-exec.'

I'm still confused give me some business examples?

In 2007 I am co-owner of the Manchester Climbing Centre where I work as a non-exec Marketing Director and support role for the MD. I have a long term consultant contract for the largest Outdoor Sports supplier in the UK, where I work day to day in Marketing, Strategy, Sales and Product Development.

At the moment I sit on the board of two companies in the specialist Outdoor Sports market. I work a substantial number of days for them, I am an acting executive Director, and deal with significant day to day issues in Marketing, strategy, Sales and product development.

I then have another client , a training company, who are the best in the world at the product they deliver. I work 12 -16 days a year for them in a 'non-exec' type of consultancy role, business advice, strategic development, a sounding board in a variety of areas. I was also involved in facilitating their AGM this year and provided a half day of 'Outward Bound' type problem solving for them.

I have an other client, a small family business in the service industry. For personal family reasons one of the principles in unable to work full time at the moment. I do a day a month keeping things on track, helping with planning, budgets, legal decisions, again an experienced head to turn to in running a small business.

I have consultancy contracts with several other companies, from large PLC's to small start ups, the common theme is entrepreneurial help, especially in Strategic Marketing and Business Development.

For all these clients I am always available on email or phone for short snap question /answers as well as the in house days.

And personal ones?

A real variety here - From removing debilitating Phobias, to building confidence in interviews or public speaking, smoking cessation, or more general Life Balance personal Coaching.

A recent client was a Slack Rope walker, who wanted to work on taking his skills and confidence on the low slack rope up onto the far more dangerous High Line - a real mix of NLP and hypnosis and state building in that fun morning!

Is this Personal Counselling or Therapy then?

NO! I have some experience in both counselling and Transactional Analysis Therapy, and am currently training with the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy, where the Director will gladly provide a reference, however COACHING IS NOT THERAPY. 

What's the difference?

Coaching is based in the present and future - it is results driven and symptom orientated. Therapy reviews the past to explore the reasons for the present behaviours, it will explore and un pack the causes of the symptoms and an be a long journey. Counselling is more about giving you a set of tools to cope with the day to day issues and symptoms you are facing at the moment. Coaching should be able to offer obvious results in the areas you specify, quickly and without trauma - if the coach feels you would also benefit from counselling or therapy they would recommend that separately. Zanshin work with and recommend the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy where a wide range of counselling and therapy is available.

I'm still not sure?

The simplest metaphor I heard used once said this; A client comes to a health advisor feeling ill, run down and with a cold. They get two 'experts' to help them out. The first sets out a long course exploring their life style, diet, exercise regime, work place, hours of work to explore how they got so run down and how they can avoid that in the future. The other says, while you are doing that course, wrap up warm, stop sleeping outside in the rain and take this pill, it'll make the symptoms go away, you'll feel better in yourself, and more able to make real long term changes in your life to stop this ever coming back. The first is a therapy approach, the second a Coaching one.

So are you a businessman or a Life coach?!

Well that's a tough one! I am a business entrepreneur with a lot of experience in SME's, especially in the communication disciplines of Sales, Marketing and Strategic direction, HOWEVER I am quite alternative and soft in my business style - if you want a KPMG accountant type consultant do not COME TO ME - although I can recommend a great one!

Through personal development and interest I am also now well qualified in the PD / Coaching area, with a firm, down to earth, practical approach to this area - if you want a hugely empathetic, soft caring, long term therapy based coaching relationship - do not COME TO ME.

If however you want sound results orientated work from someone who has excelled in a variety of areas and can help you apply your abilities practically and immediately - Zanshin can help. 

So it's all about Balance?

Yes - Life Balance, Work / Life Balance, management style balance in your company - whatever your issue, we may be able to help or we may know someone who can.